Thank You Laurie

Laurence Cole

After being our guide and mentor
from 2002 until the completion of our registration as a charity in 2004, Laurence Cole was our constant source of knowledge as to the legal requirements needed to run the charity.

Over the last  fourteen years he has always been our "go to" when we needed advice on any strange 'things' that occurred, and encouraged us to continue with 'the dream'.

Unfortunately, like moving to 'another planet' from Wiltshire (that being Lyme Regis), health problems, and now the production of the first two of the next generation of Coles, Laurie has handed in his resignation as Trustee, and we have had to reluctantly accept his decision.

Thank you for all that you have done for Lights for Learning, and for always being at the end of the phone to listen and advise (hey, just thought, maybe we could continue with this????}

We will be forever grateful for the help and support that you have given us over the years enabling us to 'follow our dream'.

Take time out now to spoil Vivien, and more especially those little babies.

Thank you, and please keep in touch.