Latest Newsletter - July 2014

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From Jean Mugridge of Lights For Learning:

Sincere apologies for the delay in keeping in touch with all of you great people who continue relentlessly to support our work, we cannot express how appreciative we are for your help.

We have been working continually to try to progress the work of the charity and it seems that now we are starting to make a headway to the goal that we wanted to achieve, though obviously, we still have a long way to go.

We were unable to go abroad in 2012 due to health issues and family commitments, however in January Roger and I went to Zimbabwe and we spent an extremely productive three weeks with meetings with the Government as well as fitting lights into 2 schools and persuing the possibility of enabling computers to become workable in the educational establishments. We also travelled to twenty six schools and two hospitals to take measurements and assess the viability of fitting lights at a later date. It was an extremely informative trip and we were excited by the information that we were able to gleen during the it.

Designing and preparation were carried out throughout the rest of 2013 regarding the computer issues etc. We were also working on items needed to set up our first workshop in Zambia!

We eventually returned to Zimbabwe in March 2014, being a team of four. Though, for the first time ever,