Lights For Learning is a UK charity based in Cricklade, Wiltshire. We build solar powered lighting that we install in places of education. We work mainly in areas of the world where artificial lighting is impossible or hard to obtain. The benefits positively impact entire communities in which these schools or clinics are based.

We can provide our solutions, with training to fit them, to other charities who have their own projects that are also aimed to help lift the education & health standards of similar communities.

You can help us by donating or volunteering.


Zambian Youth Trained by Lights For Learning

Fr Chikoya, who is Anglican Church's priest-in-charge, speaks during the graduation of 10 youths trained in assembling and installing solar-powered lights.

The youth were trained by Lights for Learning, a UK-based organisation, that is assembling and installing solar lights in rural schools and clinics worldwide.

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One Year On: Exam Results from Zimbabwe Welcomed

Lights For Learning has received the Before & After exam results from those schools in which lights were installed in 2011.  We'll post the full report up here shortly but already we can see that one school, Matikwa, has more than doubled their pass rates in just one year after the charity's lights were installed.


Taiwan & Swindon Link Up to Help Four Countries in Africa

Dr Shen with Jeremy Holt of Clark Holt Solictors,
the Mayor of Swindon cllr Nick Martin,
Roger Mugridge, Justin Tomlinson MP
Thanks to an offer from the government of Taiwan to North Swindon MP Justin Tomlinson, with assistance from Swindon based charity Lights for Learning and Swindon Link magazine, hundreds of young people and teachers in several African countries will have light to return home after school.

The ambassador of Taiwan Dr Lynshen Shen visited Swindon on 29 July to present 200 hand held solar powered lighting units carrying the flags of Taiwan and the United Kingdom and the words ‘Love from Taiwan’ to Lights for Learning.